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• Potato “eyes” grow up/out, not down – they are not “roots”
• Eyes grow into stolons – “a creeping horizontal plant stem or runner”
• Each “level” or tier of potato plant base will grow several potatoes
• Plant one seed potato (suggest one half potato) with a few inches dirt underneath, and an inch or two above.
• When the plant sprouts, let it grow until it is 3″-4″ tall, then add dirt until only the topmost leaves are left uncovered
• This will signal the plant to start a new tier of tubers, and the vine will continue to grow upward
• You can keep doing this as long as you want, as long as the climate stays good or you have a way to keep them indoors.
• You can control the size of the potatoes by when you harvest them. When they are large enough, stop watering the plant and allow it to die, this will “suberize” (Impregnate the wall of a plant cell with suberin) them, making them able to be stored long-term.
• You can still harvest them before killing the plant, you just have to use them sooner as they will spoil faster.

• 5gal bucket is the right diameter for a single potato plant
• Drill 3-7 1/4″ holes in the bottom of bucket
• Put in a layer of rock, lava rock is best
• Next add a 2-3″ layer of soil
• Then the seed potato, best if it has already sprouted
• Then 1-2″ soil.
• Water, place in sun, wait for it to sprout.
• Let plant grow until 2-3″ tall
• Cover plant with dirt leaving only topmost leaves exposed.
• Repeat as desired


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