runes 2020.11.05

Elder Futhark Rune Unicode Letter Name Represents Symbolizes ᚠ F FEHU livestock wealth, abundance, success, security, fertility ᚢ U URUZ bull strength, tenacity, courage, untamed potential, freedom ᚦ TH THURISAZ thorn reaction, defense, conflict, catharsis, regeneration ᚨ A ANSUZ estuary the mouth, communication, understanding, inspiration ᚱ R RAIDHO wagon travel, rhythm, spontaneity, evolution, decisions ᚲ […]

mk 2020.02.12

The discussion came up at work today about mechanical keyboards, and when I got home I started wondering about the various models I’ve tried over the years while searching for the ones that fit my needs best. I also wondered how much money I’ve spent and that led me into my email archives to find […]

Back to roots, literally and figuratively 2019.01.27

As I sat down to write the “big introductory post” for this new blog, I struggled to come up with what to put down. I’m still not sure what form this blog will take, but I wanted to document this new hobby of mine to become more self-reliant, and a blog seemed like a good […]

tbd – potatoes in buckets 2019.01.27

• Potato “eyes” grow up/out, not down – they are not “roots” • Eyes grow into stolons – “a creeping horizontal plant stem or runner” • Each “level” or tier of potato plant base will grow several potatoes • Plant one seed potato (suggest one half potato) with a few inches dirt underneath, and an […]